Some Q&A about Sculpture Garden-going

If New Orleanians know how to do one thing, it’s how to stake a spot on a patch of grass:  with a blanket and some lawn chairs.  And with our current production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ we want to make sure that our audiences know exactly what they’re in for when it comes to viewing an outdoor production.

First off, the seating is Bring-Your-Own.  This means a blanket or portable chairs would work best, or (if you prefer a more au natural technique) its butts on the grass.  BUT BE WARNED:  The production is a promenade production, which is a fancy way of saying that the audience will move around.  The show occurs throughout the garden in three total locations.  So whatever you choose to bring in terms of seating, make sure it can travel.  Personally, this is why I think a blanket is best.

Now for some FAQs that we’ve been asked in the last week, here presented for your convenience:

Q:  Can I bring food and drink into the garden?

A:  You don’t even need to!  Ralph Brennan’s Cafe will provide delicious cheese platters, turkey sandwiches, and vegetable sandwiches, as well as wine by the glass or bottle that can be purchased for a reasonable price!  (That is our very positive spin on ‘No, Im sorry, no outside food or drink allowed)

Q:  Can I bring my child?  Is this family friendly?

A:  That decision is really up to the parent that knows their child best.  That said, this is a fun, vivid, and very physical play that I think many kids will enjoy.  I’d say any children over 8 would really enjoy themselves, but any age children are welcome.  Its 90 minute running time is also conducive to short attention spans (young OR old) :)

Q:  How do I order tickets?  Will they be mailed to me?

A:  The internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?  For that reason, we strongly suggest purchasing your tickets online at with a credit card.  When you do this, you will receive an online receipt.  Print this, and this can be used as your ticket when you come to the show!  If you hate computers and all that internet garbage and are more of a people person, you can always call the reservation line at 504. 658.4100.  Or if you like to fly by the seat of your pants, you can purchase at the door.  BUT BE WARNED.  You may be denied a seat if you attempt to purchase at the door and we have reached our capacity.

Q:  Should I bring bug spray?

A:  Is the Pope Catholic?  But just in case, we will have some available at the front for ya ;)

Q:  Will this be the best production I have ever seen in my many years of extensive theatre-going?

A:  It’s a damn safe bet.

–A.J. Allegra

Artistic Director, The NOLA Project

About The NOLA Project

Independent New Orleans theatre company, since 2005.
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